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This project was all about understanding people's different views, with inspiration from SoulPancake. The following style of video was something, I had wanted to work with for a long time, so I came up with the idea of asking a simple question in this case ''What makes you happy'' to fellow students.

Before I took out the official filming day, I did a small testing session – where I set up the set, with advice from my teacher alongside getting the whole class to take part in the test, this allowed me to see what I wanted with my production how I could make the whole process easier & what worked & didn’t work, the first thing that changed from my original idea was the camera, beforehand I was going to use 2x canon 750D camera’s, alongside a tripods & 2 mics, but there was no need for this I could use the high tech camera’s within the studio already on a moving tripod & included with a mic that would attach to the individual involved on what would pick up audio a lot better.

So shooting the video involved testing out the audio, making sure it wasn’t to low or to loud & then focusing the camera’s & getting the individual in place ready for shoot, this involved directing on although it was only a small job, it was really fun – making sure everything was in order to work was hard work but that’s all part of the learning process.

Overall I loved the filming process, taking something out & just listening to what the individual had to say was something great to witness, rather than just see it on a video, this advert was a lot different from my first advert production.

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