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The Secret locations of Travelling BP#1 : New Blogging Series?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I've been questioning what to write about for a while, do I write about the films I produce?, the behind the scenes?, do I talk about my photography?

What I've realised is I can talk about all of them, I dont want my website to just be about my films, I want everything to be shared equally. Now Im not a professional blogger & if they make no sense I apologise.

But here's to a new blogging series called ''The Secret locations of Travelling'', now a lot of these locations won't be ''secret' but what they will be are gems that you can't miss when travelling.

.....I know like you, im still not convinced on the title, but it's a working process - comment some better titles below! & I may pick your suggestion.

But here's what it's all about, I will be posting a weekly blog post, most likely apart of this series, where I will showcase my travels, photos from the trip & if I've made a film that will also be included & I would love for you all to tune into the blogging series each week!

I will be posting them every Wednesday!

There's two main reaons why Im experimenting with this.

1) I have so many photo's of travels with Chloe (My girlfriend) that it makes them feel like a waste, I find pure joy when re-looking at them & the memories but they hardly get shared, loads get hidden in a folder on my computer.

2) I feel this will motivate me more, to write, to try blogging more, to try new things & hopefully it will lead to bigger better travels!

So join me on this new blogging series

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