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The Hidden Bee Farm | Quince honey Farm | The Secret Locations of Travelling BP #3

We are already onto #3 but officially the second location blog post to the series! Last weeks BP got some great feedback, & a few of you really enjoyed the journey of our day as well as the location!

So im hoping this one will be just as interesting as the last!

I guess it all began when me & Chloe did'nt know what we wanted to do for the day & you know when you just search like crazy online for places to go & see well some how mixed in with all the farm locations Quince came up. I had never heard of it but I took a look at it's wonderful looking website & it sounded really interesting.

A farm full of bee's that you could see! Where you could taste the honey, watch the bee's, see expert talks, even get a guided tour, where they even had a cafe & big play area for children! There is a lot that their website said they did. Here is a screenshot below!

To me it just sounded so interesting that we decided to go & the great news was it was under a hour away! We finally found the place & you get greeted by the wonderful art design!

What a great bit of art to be greeted with right!

Anyway we entered the shop, full of things to buy, we went and bought our wristbands that would give us access to all parts of the Farm, where we was also given a time sheet of the timings for each event, we had missed 2 of the events - one being candle rolling but we was fine with that.

The next tour took place in around 20 minutes so we stayed around the shop, looking and went into the cafe where we got a snack & drink.

We then went ahead to the meeting point for the tour, Usually you will find that tours are pretty expensive but this came with the standard price, what I personally thought was great, we was approached by a young man - who asked to kindly wait in case anyone else was joining - currently it was only us. We then got joined by a old couple & 2 other people I believe - so a rather small group - The tour worked backwards for some reason to where you got to see the rooms from above where the honey is packaged, then how the honey is separated etc

I didn't really take any photos of these on my camera due to the reflection but here is a few bad photos from my phone

I would highly recommend the tour, it lasted around 30 minutes max, where you get to do some honey tasting at the end! Even if you don't do the tour & you run into the honey tasting you can still get involved! Everyone was enjoying it & honey is something I've personally never had funny enough. Throughout the tour, our tour guide would ask questions about bee's & honey, getting us involved & it was really nice!

We also got toured through the bee section, learning some really interesting facts about them where in the end we got the chance to look around ourselves

This place had thousands of bee's & great thing is although they are in a contained box, there is ways for them to fly out into the open & come back in when they wish.

At different parts you could even move bits of the wood where the bee's where on, so you could see more of them.

The best thing I found was that it was suited for everyone, & it wasn't really busy at all, hence why I've titled this as a ''hidden bee farm''.

It seems to be a very quiet attraction yet one that is really worth it!

As you can see in the next photo there are multiple bee boxes

Im not going to show every single bee box, but below I have placed a few more of the best photos I took

After we had explored the bee's, we went back down to the shop area and into the play area where they also had other animals ! Crawly animals... & shortly after they was doing a talk with some of them, where you would be able to hold them

They even had spiders & so much more but it was hard to take photos as so many children where around, we stood around while the tour guide that we had also did the show/talk with the animals where you got chance hold them, they even had large snails & stick insects etc, but as you can guess the children where all over that, so we left and went back to the shop.

They lastly had a bee keeping session on where you would be able to see a keeper in with the bee's and you'd be able to hold part of the bee boxes, we stayed for a while but then left to have one last look around the shop, Chloe ending up buying some small things but there wasn't much there that we would personally benefit from or need.

A 10/10 day & I think you can see I completed my mission with making this one happy. This is us leaving

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