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SeaForde Gardens & Butterfly House | The Secret Locations Of Travelling BP#4

So im now taking you over to Northern Ireland where my not only my second family lives, but my second home!

I remember I had been wanting for ages for Chloe to take me out to this butterfly house & finally the day had came, we decided to bring along Chloe's sister as well.

Before I continue anymore thank you for the huge amount of support on the last blog post & for Quince for sharing it on their social pages!

We first got greeted by peacocks that roamed freely in the car park, & the entrance into the Gardens & Butterfly house

We then walked down the entrance to the butterfly house, where you also enter into the shop full of toys & drinks, where once you've paid to enter - a hidden door slides open into the house of butterfly's, where instantly you get them flying around your face

It's a rather small butterfly house yet, it's filled so many butterfly's, flowers, tree's that it feels almost bigger than it actually is! I did my usual photo taking of flowers & random objects! Below is a couple of my favourite photos

I even manged to capture this natural photo!

It's filled with so much nature & colour that we must have spent over 30 minutes to a hour in this one section alone

and the fact that it wasn't really busy made it even better!

The butterfly house even had little benches, what is such a good idea to be able to sit in there surrounded by nature & butterfly's & just hoping maybe one will land next to you or even better on you

After we had spent some time wandering around & looking at the butterfly's we moved into the second section, where I imagined it would be more butterfly's! But instead to all our surprise's there was bridge & a little water area full of fishes & turtles!

Now if you know Chloe like I do, turtles are a must in her life, so it made the trip instantly even better!

Since the turtle area was pretty popular at the time, we moved round this section where birds where flying around & parrots where kept in little cages

Walk round further & you come to snakes & spiders & all sorts of creepy crawlies

At this point though you come to the end, back into the shop & can then head out into the gardens but obviously us being us - we went back to see the turtles & back into the butterfly section - a few more photos below!

It was then time to head out to explore the garden!

What takes you through some beautiful woods, & heads towards a maze!

I split up from Chloe & Elle for a race to the middle & I instantly found the middle within a minute - Sorry Seaforde but it was to easy, where I was greeted with children who told me they had already did the maze a few times, as I waited from the middle I could see both Chloe & Elle still far out & captured this photo of Elle's hand going up to tell me where they where

A shot from the middle, with this rather fascinating circled metal frame around it but this maze story wouldn't be complete without a shot of Chloe's face when she enters the middle to see Im already there

So fast forwarding before this blog goes on for too long, we explored the rest of the gardens, coming to this tower like building where you could see the maze & the butterfly house from.

Im not to sure what is happening in the photo above, but it happened so enjoy it while it's still there 😂

We then found this tree and must have spent a good 30 minutes + taking photos. First with my model

and then we got a sister shot

But then it was my turn to come off the camera & for mine & Chloe's photo to be taken, & well Chloe is fussy so we took loads, Elle was defentily at the point of giving up on us.

It was then time for us to go, because we were all getting hungry so we explored a little more & then headed off! I highly recommend visiting, bring some food & it's the perfect place for a picnic too, see the animals, explore the gardens & have a picnic!

What can beat that?

A great day out for all ages, easily another 10/10 day!

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