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London Travels! | What you can do in a under 1 week| The Secret Locations Of Travelling BP#5 P1

Update: Lets start with a update, it's been at least a month since my last post & I apologise hugely, but im back with another blog post finally & I hope you all enjoy!

This is blog post number 5 - so I thought what would be better than rather do a blog post from a day trip, do a whole week. So this is based of mine & Chloe's trip away to London & everything we fitted in the just under a week we was there! This however will be split into a few blog posts.


We left my home town pretty early as it's over 4hrs to London via coach, by time we got in was around 12. What we thought would work perfectly getting in for lunch however we faced a few problems.

1) We had too much stuff

2) Our hotel check it wasn't due to till after 3.

Since we were in central London, where for some reason we decided shopping was a good idea - totally ignoring the fact we had a load of bags and suitcases to carry around.

We both later regretted this as we were both getting way to tired & the heat at the time didn't help!

We then decided it was time to get the train down to our hotel in Ilford, here's a few photos from when we finally got in to our room!

Located on almost the top floor, we had a great view - next to a main road but you could hardly hear it, what we was very surprised about. After a few hours of chilling out, we went next door for food at Nandos & then to the cinema, next door too!

Such a great location, not to mention the town just a 5 minute walk.


Speeding the day forward, came the next day & we had plans to visit the museum's in London, on what by the way are free!

We first went to The British Museum, located in the Bloomsbury area of London what is dedicated to human history, art and culture. The building design alone is something amazing!

After queuing up & getting searched we finally got in, & I recommend getting a map because the place is huge!

Now because the place is so large, Im just going to highlight some of the best places, best photos & best moments we had while visiting

Someone take this photo, caption it & tweet it at my profile @NutkinsO

A collection of photos, from the space, art & design aspect.

The sculptures and carving in the stone really captured my interest, where we'd walk into rooms of so much history!

There's so much art that this museum captures, that this blog post won't do near enough any justice to it

The art is all so different, giving off different mood's in every room, different material & way's people lived

In total we spent a good few hours in this museum and you could easily spend a whole day in there! We were both starting to get tired just due to the amount of ground we covered in the museum & we was both getting hungry

We decided to carry on to complete to museum

After covering the whole museum, at least we think we covered it all - we decided it was best to get food - we made our way towards the next museum and stopped in a park near embankment station

As we wanted to fit in as much as possible we then decided to head up to convent garden & the area's around there, we even went into the M&M store what is 3 floors!

After spending time browsing around for a few hours, we then headed to The Natural History Museum that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history.

We came out from the train station that directly links to the museum and you get invited to this building, what first of I thought was a church...

Chloe was beyond more excited about this museum than first and to be honest so was I, dinosaurs are in this one, why wouldn't you be excited!

As by now this blog post is probably really long, but if you enjoy photos keep strolling!

One I reason I really love this museum was the amount of history it has on so many animals! Im not going to lie, there was animals that i had never heard of

In the next photo I captured, I enter the bears belly & for some reason find this photo rather cool...

We then came across this measurement scale to the largest mammal and this was Chloe's comparison, she's so tiny compared to it

We then hit the part where Chloe's attention would instantly be grabbed....

and if you've read my previous blog post you will know what is next

Yes turtles!

Did you get it right?

We then explored the last parts and then made our way back to the hotel. Where after a long day we where both exhausted!

But I can highly recommend both museums, both full of history, life & design - and why not visit convent garden & the shopping area's along the way, you can honestly fit so much into one day, if you're planning on staying out late you can fit in a lot more too.

Im really looking forward to sharing the next blog post!

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