I've always wanted to get a shoulder mount for my films, and to add to apart of my equipment, but is there a budget one out there & in this case I got ordered the Neewer shoulder mount for a gift for my birthday

It came nicely packed in a rather large box but this was ordered from amazon, the mount itself came in a few parts but was easy enough to put together.

I find that the overall look of it, looks great & I love the blue colour to it.

I find that it feels strong, but you need to make sure everything is tightened really securely other wise parts can start to move,

I have found that the front grip to the tripod feels very rough due to the material and is something I wish was foam or something softer but it does make the stabiliser feel strong & still gives you that grip you need.

The camera placement stand is easily adjustable what I really like, & it easily unscrews on the side & lifts off , to then easily be placed back in once the camera is attached, the height can also be adjusted what is such a great feature to have!

Now to me the most important part should be the shoulder padding, I like the design to this shoulder pad but the feel & the way it's only supported by one slim bar feels off, you can easily tilt the bar so the shoulder padding fits your shoulder to some extent but for me it's left wonky & for some reason that does bug me

I would much prefer the padding to be soft, so that way it shapes into my shoulder, how ever the fact that this one is hard padding does make it feel a lot stronger and attached to you, dispute not being fully shaped in the shoulder.

I find using the stabiliser is great, I did quick comparison of hand held and using the stabiliser & the stabiliser showed a great improvement, removing a lot of the shakiness from being hand held.

For this im going to start rating each product review I do & this case I will score it a 7/10

down falls lie with

1) the shoulder padding, just doesn't completely fit in the shoulder & feels like it should be supported by more than 1 poll

2) The grips could be improved to feel nicer on the hands

Overall a strong stabiliser & one the works if you're on a budget!

Neewer Portable Shoulder mount support rig

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