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Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I Recently bought a 15.6" Asus X555LA-DM1381T, Intel i7 up to 3.0GHz, 1TB, 8GB, Intel HD, Laptop & here is my review.


So firstly why did I buy this model, I wanted something hugely for freedom, being stuck at my desktop wasn't nice, not having that freedom to edit videos or just browse else where was something that unmotivated me.

1) Freedom

Number 2 was space, my desktop was getting full up & yes I could clear space or updagrde but for reason number 1 it just made sense to get a laptop. This laptop luckily comes with 1TB of space, that's double of what my desktop has - that took me a few years to fill - saying that there is a lot of things that could be removed from my desktop.

2) Space

Pricing is also something that comes into to this, I've always wanted to get a mac but they are way to expensive for me, so pricing of a laptop like this is overall isn't too bad. With this laptop only costing me just under £400 - second hand but professional refurbished with little use previous to the computer.

3) Pricing

Design, lastly the design of this laptop looked really nice & it's exactly how I expected it to be, for me i prefer the key bored, it feels much better than my desktop one, the track pad works perfectly but I do prefer a mouse, mainly for gaming! Other than that the black top feels like one of those 3D photo posters and with the logo in the middle it looks beautiful



But how good is this laptop?

Boot up time, the first time I booted this computer up - it came on within 20 seconds - possibly even faster. To this I then downloaded all the programs I knew I would need straight away, & loading times for them are much better than my desktop. (Note this will hugely be compared to my desktop) What had less space, half the ram & not the best Intel)

With that I took to basic photo editing just within the windows photo editing, my desktop use to crash now & then but as expected this doesn't and loads everything perfectly fine! Although that isn't really a test, it was something I wanted to see. However when it came to testing programs such as Photoshop, it still preformed really well! So I would suggest this laptop for graphic designers etc who use Photoshop.

Now the bigger question is can it handle video editing.

So far I've only ran premiere, Im yet to see how it handles play back & rendering.



Gaming however I have tested with the new Fornite. With recommended settings from AltChar The game looks & runs beautifully! Where I believe it could easily handle higher settings too!

Have games you want me to try? Comment them below!


So with all that said I still have lots to test out & will continue to update this blog post throughout, if you have any idea's for programs or certain things I can improve to this blog post let me know!

Bought second hand via Ebay at , great service, fast delivery & great price!

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