google-site-verification=aF7KRMs15jZqwHEs_1DLlWngm_Q0TtynKz00_pm-wrw OWEN NUTKINS | FILMMAKER, PHOTOGRAPHER & BLOGGER | UNITED KINGDOM


Documentary filmmaker, photographer & travel blogger, Owen Nutkins looks to tell engaging stories through film, photography & digital content. 


Looking for stories that often get left unsaid & unexplored. 


Travelling being a passion, Owen Is always on the lookout for new opportunities globally,

to build skills & further his experience.


Owen studied Film & TV production (Level 2 & 3/ 3 extended)  leaving with 3 Distinction 

grades, with his documentary ''The art of Storytelling'' later being shown at Taunton Live Festival


As a 20-year-old, Owen is growing up in a generation that's involving & experiencing new technology where

he has gained a range of experience in Film Production, Photography & Social Media


Based in Belfast/Taunton, UK


Technology, media & marketing have been huge creative changes throughout the last few years & the way your customers engage with your brand has transformed. You need a digital platform in this age, a story and a connection. To start building that business to consumer relationship further. 


I want to help you share your story, through engaging visuals. Research has shown that customers are more likely to recognise a brand they’ve seen in moving pictures, compared to anything else. Storytelling is a start. 




If you want to be found by more people, sell your service further, showcase stories to a wider audience,  helping you find more than just local customers than having a  portfolio of content is a great start, a promotional video, a documentary, a music video or a quick social media snippet will be the start to your online brand & connection with customers!  


I will work with you to establish your style, to provide content on deadlines & help bring

more people to your business and projects. 


Based in Belfast/Taunton Somerset

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